Sunday, May 22, 2011

Shimmer Lick drink

This is the fictional drink labeling I made as the last assignment for my illustration 2 class. Jubilant was picked by popular demand of the class (he beat out a salty kracken I drew) so he became my icon and inspiration for the drink. I had to make him more pink because the labels printed fairly dark. Hopefully I can get the 3D model (complete with drinks) back in June so I can take some pictures and post them.

top: bottle label
left: side 1 of box
middle: front and back of box
right: side 2 of box

Jubilant Glitter Hooves

rainbow-rific Jubilant

Greater Beastie

This is the first of many in my series of "beasties"
They are dragon-like creatures with at least 6 legs.