Thursday, August 16, 2012

Tackle Hug

Colored another one of the sketches from my previous posts I had a little fun with some textures but I didn't go too crazy, this was just for fun ^^

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Big Gator Hug

Colored one of the previous drawings I plan to color a few more

Fat Gator

I recently found a book I was looking for called The Search for Wondla. I found it in paperback which made me very happy because the hardcover version was expensive. I had forgotten how adorable the villain, Besteel looked. The book is very cool because it also features illustrations in it. It looks like a mash up of Wizard of Oz, Nausicaa, Alice in Wonderland and a touch of Lilo and Stitch. I haven't read the book yet but I'm so glad I was able to find it again. Anyway, I loved the character so much that I wanted to make a version of my gator based on him. So we now have a very fat gator.

Bunny tattoo

My best friend wants to get a bunny tattoo because his zodiac animal is the rabbit (like mine) and I asked him if I could design it for him and he said yes! So I made up a few poses and I'm going to see which one(s) he likes and we can go from there. The bunny will have flames on its ears because his element is fire (also like mine) I have this really neat birthday book that lists your element, sign and famous people who have your birthday.

Bat sketches

I got interested in bats again recently so I've been drawing a few. They make the best scary faces.